Monday, July 13, 2009

Republican Palin Haters - big news to the LAT

First, here's the link

Todd Harris? One of McCain's lackeys here. One of Loser McCain's lackeys knifing Palin in the back? That's news? Not.

Stuart K. Spencer? This guy worked for Nelson Rockefeller and Manuel Noriega. Can you say "whore"? Just look at him. Shaking the hand of the man who wrote the 11th commandment for Republicans.

Mike Murphy? This guy is the quintessential McCain hit man assigned to nuke Sarah Palin. Here's Murphy

Read the whole thing. And then ask yourself what name is the unspoken common thread through all this?

John McCain. Loser.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rich Lowry - Palin Hater

Well, that didn't take long did it? Rich Lowry joins the ranks of the Palin haters. Check it out

What a maroon.