Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Palinophobia is better

Roger Kimball wants to call it Palinosis. This sounds to me like too much bad breath.

Palinophobia is better. It captures the essential terror that Sarah Palin strikes into the heart of Libertarians and Democrats; and with good reason: people such as Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal sound the death rattle of the Democrat party.

Let the cuture war begin again.

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Eric Dondero said...

Umm, Sarah Palin IS A LIBERTARIAN! Why would she strike terror in the hearts of fellow libertarians?

She attended two Libertarian Party meetings in 2005/06. She received the backing of the Libertarian Party of Alaska in her Gubernatorial race. The leaders of the Draft Sarah Palin for VP movement, including myself, Adam Brickley and Steve Maloney, are all libertarian Republicans.

She strikes fear in the heart of Liberal Democrats who hate libertarians, and also some establishment Conservatives, but trust me, we libertarians LOVE SARAH PALIN!